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Tenant Information Manual

Welcome to your Investa Building

As the manager of the building, Investa is committed to helping you and your team settle in and become part of the building community.

How to use this Tenant Information Manual

This Tenant Information Manual is designed to provide you with comprehensive information and instruction on all aspects of your occupation of the building.

Information is organised into sections which relate to key activities your people are likely to require information, guidance, or assistance with throughout the term of your Lease. A range of tips and tools to help you optimise the way you use building services and the space within your own tenancy is included, along with the services that we can provide to assist you in these areas.

In all instances, when planning a new fit-out or alterations to an existing fit out, the Building Management Team ask you to follow the process outlined in this Tenant Information Manual. Certain sections of this manual are designed to serve as a checklist of relevant factors to consider and procedures that must be followed during your initial fit out and relocation to your tenancy. Other sections are relevant to your company’s ongoing, day-to-day occupation of the building.

This is a dynamic manual that will be updated consistently throughout the term of your Lease. We encourage you to keep the link to the Tenant Information Manual in a location that is easily accessible to your relevant employees.

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What does Investa manage?
What do tenants manage?

The Lease is the primary document for determining who is responsible for what in an Investa building. There are, however, some commonly confused items that are worth understanding at the outset. These are outlined in the following section; ‘Frequently Asked Questions.’

If you are concerned about what you manage or what Investa is responsible for managing, we recommend that you schedule a time with your Property Manager to discuss specific items you are unsure of. Our knowledgeable team will highlight the key working issues and can offer a range of additional services to efficiently support your business in our building.